Andhra GCC Products Aim for Global Recognition : Dy.CM P.Rajanna Dora

  •       GCC Products Aim for Global Recognition
  •       Compassionate Recruitment Jobs to be Filled Shortly
  •       Four New GCC Products Launch in the Market
  •        Employees Receive Health Cards for the First Time
  •        Steps to Address Pending Issues with GCC
  • ·     Deputy Chief Minister Peedika Rajannadora Addresses GCC Development

AP's Tribal Welfare Minister and Deputy Chief Minister, Pidika Rajannadora, reiterated the government's dedication to establishing global recognition for the Girijan Co-operative Corporation (GCC) products based in Visakha. The event showcased the introduction of four new GCC products and marked the first-time distribution of health cards to employees. Minister Rajannadora emphasized the esteemed reputation of GCC and assured that the government would take necessary steps to support the financial well-being of tribal communities. The distribution of health cards to all 438 GCC employees statewide is a historic milestone, unmatched by any previous administration. 

The minister also announced plans to launch a dedicated website for online sales of tribal products, enabling them to compete effectively in the market. He further emphasized the government's comprehensive approach to tribal development, aiming to address their unique needs. Compassionate recruitment, which has been absent in the tribal corporation for 25 years, will be initiated to fill vacant positions. GCC Chairperson, Dr. Shobha Swathirani, advocated for pending employee promotions and highlighted the necessity of establishing a coffee processing unit in Araku, as well as a cold storage center for tribal products.


Responding positively, the Deputy Chief Minister expressed support for extending the retirement age of GCC employees to 62, aligning it with government employees, to further facilitate tribal development. ZP Chairperson Subhadra emphasized the importance of dedicated efforts by employees and staff to ensure GCC's progress and maintain the trust of the public. Araku MP Madhavilu and MLAs K. Bhagyalakshmi and Kalavathi voiced their support for GCC salesperson positions and proposed the establishment of GCC Super Bazaars in major areas to safeguard tribals from adulterated food items.


The event also witnessed the introduction of new products such as dish wash, herbal hair oil, floor cleaner, and hand wash. TRICOR Chairman Bullibabu, GCC MD Suresh Kumar, GCC Directors Tavudamma and Chinnarao, along with senior officials from three districts and the head office, actively participated in the program. Rajannadora received recognition and appreciation from all GCC employees, and his presence was warmly acknowledged at the venue.


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